Rome Crew Update – Issue #12

Greetings fellow bloggers of the Blogosphere, of the Green Embers Rome Construction Crew, how is life treating you so far?

Kira posted yesterday’s RCC update, which was extremely cool by the way! She welcomed some new but very talented members to the crew, if you haven’t checked them out yet, you ought to!

Lets see what happened so far since yesterday… Oops! Kira’s post turned out was posted today, sorry my mistake :D You still gotta check it out though. Go on I’m waiting for you, won’t go anywhere.

Due to yesterday’s brutal Boston Marathon incident, lots of members of the crew participated in posts sharing a moment of silence, prayers, and thoughts on the incident. It’s really sad, I actually was writing this RC issue, then found myself writing 200+ words on yesterday’s incident, which made me copy them into a separate post.

But anyway, back to our awesome crew updates. Charles did make me smile by his poem today, go check it out here. You’ll find it.. Well, go find for yourself :D

Helen posted another thoughtful beautiful poem of hers, as we always expect from her, go check it out here.

Ionia posted yesterday on how often do you check your spam filter. I personally found her post funny, check it out here.

Destiny shared with us amazing cover designs for her new novel. I found them really professional, go check them out here, and tell her what you think!

Pamela posted today on how silly grammatical errors aren’t that silly at all, but are worth looking into. Check it out here.

Kori posted yesterday a very inspiring post, discussing which way is better for having an MFA. I recommend all of you writers and authors to check it out here.

Gwen posted today a rather personal but inspiring post, its called wedding dresses and writing. I found it so beautiful, check it out here.

John posted today his versatile blogger award post, sharing random things about himself, as well as nominating a talented fellow blogger nominee. Go check it out here.

Elizabeth posted yesterday a beautiful poem, called Hourglass. I obviously wasn’t the only one who liked it allot! Check it out here.

Beth shared with us her long term and short term goals for her Rome Construction. Go cheer her on here!

Stuck shared with us his contribution in the daily prompt: The Satisfaction of a List. Check it out here.

And last but not least,

Olivia posted yesterday her versatile blogger award post, with random things about herself, as well as nominating some fellow bloggers. Check it out here!

Alright fellow comrades of the Blogosphere! Keep those posts coming. Don’t forget to tag your posts with RCC or Rome Construction if you wish them to be included in the RCC updates, otherwise you’ll just count on the interest of sir Bradley,¬†lieutenant Kira, and myself :P


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